City Adventure

Sightseeing has never been more fun around Prague!

Game master support

Before the game starts a game master explains the concept of the game and hands out the equipment for the teams. During the game a game master is available on the phone or in the agreed message application to provide assistance for the players when needed. At the final location a game master welcomes the teams, evaluates the game with the team members and takes a photo of the teams.

What is the City Adventure?

City Adventure is a treasure hunt game in the center of Prague. Teams up to 5 players walk from location to location in the city to solve puzzles and marvel at the beauty of the city. Players get a map with the locations and they solve a puzzle at each location. The solution of the puzzle opens a lock that reveals the riddle for the next location. The winner is the team who finishes all stations and arrives at the agreed meeting point in the shortest time.

The usual length of the game is 1 hour. All the locations are around the historic center of Prague. We take players for a scenic walk to discover the city’s well-known and also hidden gems while solving some puzzles and completing fun tasks.

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How does the game work?

We meet the players at an agreed location in the center – it can be a hotel, restaurant, or just a park. Players will be divided into smaller teams of 3-4 players, get a short introduction of the game and receive their equipment: a map with the locations, a binocular, a compass and a wooden board with doors locked by various numbers, letters and other locks. Teams are leaving the starting location in 5- 10 minutes intervals.

During the game players walk from one location to another to solve riddles when they arrive at the correct spot.  Each riddle is connected with the location. When the riddle is solved it gives the players the code for the next lock to open – that reveals the next puzzle.

The puzzles are not very complicated in this game – rather aimed to show the interesting side of the city. Players get to discover the city’s well-known and also hidden gems while solving fun tasks.

What is needed to play the game?

The game is designed to be played outside by walking around – so good weather is welcome, therefore we recommend to schedule the game in the warmer month of the year. Players do not need specific equipment or knowledge to play the game, we provide everything needed.

The game requires teamwork, communication, maybe some map reading skills and a bit of stamina to walk around for an hour in order to complete the game successfully.

Activity Highlights

2-in-1 activity

Sightseeing and treasure hunt - enjoy the historic atmosphere of the city, while solving fun puzzles with your teammates.

Discover the city

The riddles in the game are all connected to the locations and the history of the place, so players can also learn something new about the city as well.

Fun equipment

Apart from a map, players receive a binocular, a compass and a wooden board with doors locked by various numbers, letters and other locks.

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