Portable Escape Game Mission

Time Crimes

A mysterious chest from the past (or the future?) that hides the secrets of the time traveler. A portable escape game that comes to your location!

The Mission

A mysterious chest travelling across time can hide many secrets! An evil organization from the future and it’s ruthless agent are manipulating the time to take control over the world. Can your team keep their wits together when the future of the world is at stake? Are you prepared to change the course of history and discover the truth behind some of the world’s most shocking events?

Outdoor edition

We created an outdoor version of the game where we added physical activities matching the theme and context of the game. This version of the game takes 2-3 hours to complete depending on the number of the players. However, this version of the game requires certain adjustments to the locations. In case you are interested, please get in touch with us on discuss further details.

What is a portable escape game?

Time Crimes is a portable escape room game. The game is transportable, therefore can be physically set up in any location. We recommend groups of 8-25 players for the game – the game is designed in a way that during the game they can separate into smaller teams to focus on individual tasks however this is up to the players how they organize themselves. The aim of the game is to stop the evil time-travel agent! The team can collectively win or lose against the game.

The game can take from 60-90 minutes, depending on how many people play the game. We offer an extended version of the game, where we added a set of physical outdoor challenges with game time up to 3 hours.

How does the game work?

We bring and set up the game at the location of your choice – restaurants, conference rooms, birthday parties, we have taken the game wedding as well! A game master introduces the game to the players then they can start the game.  At first it may seem like there is just a big old chest, but soon players will discover inside many mysteries from different times of history. During the game players will solve puzzles, open locks, interact with contemporary objects, decipher hidden codes, listen to audio and video clues – and through all puzzles together an intricate conspiracy across space and time!

What is needed to play the game?

The game requires focus, logical thinking, teamwork, creativity and communication to be completed successfully.

To facilitate the game properly we need the following things at the location:
– a 15-20 m2 room, but it also depends on the number of participants
– electricity outlet nearby
– one table for a laptop and screen
– one big table or 4 smaller ones where players can gather around to interact with the props of the game

The starting time of the game is flexible however we need at least 45 minutes before the game to set things up properly.

Game Master support

Depending on the group size, usually 2 game masters travel with the game to the location. Before the event starts they set up the location. Then a game master explains the concept of the game to the players and stays nearby during the monitoring the progress of the game and provides assistance for the players when needed. After the game, the game master evaluates the game with the team members and takes a photo shot of the team.

Activity Highlights

A game that comes to your location

You get all the fun elements an escape game can provide but with additional flexibility regarding the location and the starting time of the game.

Suitable for many occasions

This game is suitable for many occasions! On top of the usual corporate events, we took this game to conferences, assessment centers, birthday parties and even weddings!

Everyone plays together

The unique feature of this game is that a large number of players are participating in the same mission, playing in the same location at the same time!

Indoor & outdoor version

Though the core game is designed for indoor use, we have created an extended outdoor version. Do you feel adventurous? Get in touch for details!

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