Online Detective Team Game

The Hack

Gather your detective team for an online investigation and solve the cyber crime of the century. You have to stop the hackers!

The Mission

Your cyber crime detective unit has been contacted because multiple hospitals were attacked by a malicious hacker group. Based on their message, this was only a small demonstration of how serious they are about their plans! They will attack the country’s power grid unless they are paid a ransom. Either the money is paid or the whole country goes back to the middle ages without electricity! This is yet the most serious threat you have ever faced! You have to stop the hackers!

What is the Hack?

The Hack is an online investigation game. The players are divided into smaller teams of up to 5 players. The aim of the game is to stop the hackers within the time limit! The winner is the fastest team who cracks the case.

We have a 1 hour event version of the game supported by a live game master or the 2-3 hours extended version with automated hint system.

How does the game work?

After a short introduction of the game players will log in to a password protected website to watch the mission brief video. On the same website they can access the digital evidence board which lists all information collected about the case by the police. During the game players read documents, visit websites, decipher hidden codes, listen to audio and video clues and interact with unique online tools that create the atmosphere of a real life investigation!

What is needed to play the game?

The Hack is designed to be played by remote teams – it is fully web-based; only a computer and internet connection is needed. Players can join others in a video call on any platform of their preference; Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams.  The game contains multiple audio and video elements, therefore we recommend to use headphones which will reduce echo and other disturbing noises.

The game requires logical thinking, teamwork, problem solving and communication to be completed successfully.

However, the activity does not require any coding or other special knowledge. Only basic computer skills are needed such as managing multiple open tabs in the browser or saving and uploading an image.

IMPORTANT: The game is not optimized for a mobile phone or a tablet. We recommend using a laptop or a desktop computer.

Game Master support

Before the game starts the event moderator explains the concept of the game to the players – this usually happens in a common meeting, then players split into smaller teams. During the game a Game Master is assigned to each team, who follows the flow of the game and provides assistance for the players when needed. After the game, the game master evaluates the game with the team members and takes a photo/screen shot of the teams.

Activity Highlights

Investigative puzzle game

Catch the hackers by investigating the crime, collecting clues and solving puzzles online.

Discover & discuss

Solving the crime on time requires communication and cooperation from all team members.

Use unique online tools

Digital evidence board, pin code cracker, decryption tools just to name a few. All built in the game.

Spend time together

Team members should connect via any video call applications with their computers. Smart phones are not enough.

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