Outdoor team building activity

Time Crimes Outdoors portable escape game

Time Crimes Outdoors is a great choice for your outdoor team building activities, corporate events or even family reunions. Not only does the game offer fun and excitement, it also helps improve teamwork and communication within your group. Defeat a mischievous time traveller and become the hero of the story!

Mission objective

A mysterious time-traveling chest holds many secrets! A sinister organization from the future and one of its ruthless agents manipulate time to gain control of the entire world. Can your team pull together when the future of the world is at stake? Are you ready to change the course of history and discover the truth behind some of the most shocking events of all time?

Game master support

Two game masters also usually travel with the game to set up and prepare everything before the start. After explaining  the mission and rules of the game, they remain present on-site to provide help and support to the players if needed. After the game, the game masters chat with the participants to evaluate how the game went and offer to take a photo of the players as a souvenir.

What is an outdoor portable escape game?

We’ve created an outdoor version of our escape game Time Crimes Outdoors –  an unforgettable experience filled with suspense and adrenaline! The game is portable, so we can transport it anywhere.

The game is designed for 8 – 25 players, who  split into smaller groups while playing, with each group  solving different tasks and puzzles. Team organization and strategic planning are key here! The success of the whole team depends on the coordination and cooperation of all players. Around 3 hours should be set aside for the game, depending on the number of people playing. The game can be extended with several outdoor physical challenges.

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How does the game work?

We’ll deliver the game to any location you want – whether it’s your team building, corporate event, wedding or even a family reunion! Our game master will introduce the game to the players and they can get started right away. 

At a first glance, it may seem just like an ordinary wooden chest, but participants soon discover that it holds many secrets and mysteries from ancient times. Throughout the game, players will have to overcome various challenges in the form of puzzles and locks, decipher hidden codes, , and uncover conspiracies stretching across time and space!

Throughout the game, players will also encounter a variety of physical challenges to further immerse them in the experience and really get the blood pumping! They will have to overcome obstacles, complete tasks on time and solve puzzles in nature. These physical activities were designed so that anyone would be able to complete them, but still challenge the players enough to make them give it their all. 

Put your skills and abilities to the test in the great outdoors and enjoy an unforgettable experience with your team!

What is needed for outdoor play?


To successfully complete the game, players will have to utilize their logical thinking skills, teamwork, creativity and communication within their team. 

The game is designed to be played outdoors and requires a big open  space where we can set up individual game stations. It shouldn’t be a public space (e.g. a city park) to avoid disturbing others.  For these reasons, a private space is preferable, but the game can be modified to fit the chosen environment.

What is needed on-site:

– access to an electrical outlet

– one table for a laptop and monitor 

– one large table or four smaller tables where players can gather and work with game props 

No special skills or knowledge are required for any of the activities. The game can start at any time, but our team needs about 45 minutes to prepare everything before the game.

The game does not require any specific skills or knowledge. Though most activities are physical, they are not particularly demanding and definitely safe to play.

Activity Highlights

Outdoor and adventurous

A set of outdoor challenges that are fun, physical and will make you laugh!

Comes to your location

We bring the activity to your location. We transport and set-up all props at your place.

Adjustable content

We can adjust the number of stations and the selection of tasks based on the specification of the location and the number of players.

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