Let’s play outside!

Outdoor Adventure Game

A set of outdoor challenges that are fun, physical and will make you laugh!

Example tasks

Giant sling-shot

Can you hit the target afar with the giant sling-shot? What if potatoes are your ammunition? It takes teamwork to aim, launch and hit!

Long foot

Standing on the same plank, you have to walk till the finish line. Easier said than done. It's all about coordination!

Water barrel

The key is at the bottom of the giant barrel you need to fill up with water to get the key float on top. Easy? But what is the barrel if full of holes? One thing is for sure, you will get wet!

What is the Outdoor Adventure game?

The Outdoor Adventure game is a competitive team game to be played out in the wild! The players are divided into smaller teams of up to 5 players. The teams compete with each other by completing various fun tasks on different stations that are set up on nearby locations. The winner is the team who collects most points during the game.

The usual lengths of the game is 6-8 stations with different activities. It is roughly 2 hours, plus 30 minutes for game introduction and debrief after the game. However, the format with rounds provides a great flexibility regarding the time – we can add more or less games to the event, to match the desired time span. The selection of tasks also depends on the size of the area we can use to set-up the games.

outdoor icons

How does the game work?

After a short introduction of the game, players will be separated into their teams and head to a different location. Each team starts at a different location, so they can start at the same time, then after solving the challenge move to the next one. Therefore we recommend picking as many tasks as many teams we have to avoid waiting around. At every station a game master will brief the team about the activity and they need to complete the task within the given time limit to collect their points.

During the game players complete fun physical tasks, use their creativity and logic as well. We can also tailor the content of the event upon request.

To add some strategic element to the game, each team has one “Joker” that they can use to double their points for the given task. If a team uses their  joker at the right activity they can change up the scoreboard completely!

What is needed to play the game?

The game is designed to be played outside, therefore we need a larger outdoor area where we can set-up the stations. It’s also important that it is not a public area – let’s say a park, where we would disturb others with the games (for example shooting with a giant sling-shot). Therefore, an alignment regarding the location is crucial for the game, however, we can adjust the game content to fit the environment.

The game requires teamwork, problem solving and a bit of stamina to be completed successfully.

The game does not require any specific skills or knowledge. Though most activities are physical, they are not particularly demanding and definitely safe to play.

Game Master support

Before the game starts the event moderator explains the concept of the game to the players than players head to the stations. We can send a game master with each team or we keep the same game master on each location – this actually depends on the number of stations and number of teams. After the game, the game master evaluates the game with the team members and takes a photo of the team.

Activity Highlights

Outdoor and adventurous

A set of outdoor challenges that are fun, physical and will make you laugh!

Comes to your location

We bring the activity to your location. We transport and set-up all props at your place.

Adjustable content

We can adjust the number of stations and the selection of tasks based on the specification of the location and the number of players.

Joker - a strategic element

Each team has one “Joker” that they can use to double their points for the given activity. A joker used at the right moment can win the game for a team!

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