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Online Team Games

More than ever we are forced to work from home and while remote teams are getting used to arranging day-to-day business in chat and video calls, organizing team buildings can be very challenging. Therefore we created different virtual team activities that aim to connect remote teams.

At MindMaze, we understand how crucial it is for colleagues to know each other well in order to work together effectively. The games we have developed aim to strengthen  teamwork, communication and cooperation but at the same time be fun and engaging for the participants.

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Online detective game

The Hack is an online investigation game. The players are divided into smaller teams of up to 5 players. The aim of the game is to stop the hackers within the time limit! The winner is the fastest team who cracks the case.

We have a 1 hour event version of the game supported by a live game master or the 2-3 hours extended version with automated hint system.

Competitive Online Team Game

The Office Olympics is a competitive online team game. The players are divided into smaller teams of up to 5 players. The teams compete with each other while completing various fun tasks and quizzes by rounds. After every round the scoreboard is updated. The winner is the team who collects most points during the game.

The usual length of the game is 8 rounds of tasks that is roughly 2 hours, plus 30 minutes for game introduction and debrief after the game. However, the format with rounds provides a great flexibility regarding the time – we can add more or less games to the event, to match the desired time span.

Virtual escape room games

NEW! Online version with real life avatars

Now you can book the Alchemist Chamber and Enigma games as an online experience! Connect your teammates in a video call and navigate our game master through the game. He will listen only to your directions! The novelty of the format provides a different kind of experience, but proven to be just as much fun as playing the game in real life!

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