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Escape games

Escape games are where our true passion lies!

At MindMaze we want to create unique experiences to entertain not only escape game fans but to attract everyone who would like to step into new worlds and leave reality behind for an hour. We want to make sure that our players become the heroes of their own adventure and leave with an unforgettable memory.

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Escape room games

MindMaze has been offering unforgettable escape room games for more than 7 years in Prague; from high-tech escape game adventures for enthusiasts to classic exit games for beginners. We even offer a battle escape game option for big teams. We offer multiple game scenarios on 3 different locations in the center of Prague. Did you know that Galactic Pioneers has been selected to the top 50 games in the world in 2019 – it has ranked as No. 46th!

Choose the game that suits you the best!

Portable escape game

Time Crimes is a portable escape room game. The is transportable, therefore can be physically set up in any location. We recommend groups of 8-25 players for the game – the game is designed in a way that during the game they can separate into smaller teams to focus on individual tasks however this is up to the players how they organize themselves. The aim of the game is to stop the evil time-travel agent! The team can collectively win or lose against the game.

The game can take from 60-90 minutes, depending on how many people play the game.

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