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Escape Room Games

Award winning escape room experiences from classic lock & key games to high-tech cinematic adventures.

This is the trailer of our latest high-tech escape game:

Our escape room games

We offer 5 different game scenarios in 3 different locations in the center of Prague. To see the detailed list of game scenarios please visit our website dedicated to escape rooms.

What is an escape game?

An unforgettable adventure!

Teams of up to 5 or 6 players enter the game area to complete a mission. But it’s always more than just a game…

Players enter new worlds, where they have to overcome obstacles, solve mysteries and finally when the moment comes they can discover, if they are worthy of the philosophers stone, whether they can steal the secret plans of an enemy weapon, if they are able to set off with a spaceship to the stars or embark on an unexpected adventure with the steampunk submarine Nautilus.

The aim always is that our players become the heroes of their own adventure and leave the game with an unforgettable memory.

All of our escape room games are designed to be a 60 minutes experience.

Why play our escape games?

MindMaze has been offering unforgettable escape room games for more than 7 years in Prague; from high-tech escape game adventures for enthusiasts to classic exit games for beginners. We even offer a battle escape game option for big teams. Choose the adventure that suits you the best!

What is needed to play the game?

The games require logical thinking, teamwork, creativity, problem solving and communication to be completed successfully. It also helps if players know how to share tasks and organize themselves. The games do not require any prerequisite knowledge.

Game Master support

Before the game starts a game masters explains the concept and the mission of the game to the players. During the game the game master follows the flow of the game and provides assistance for the players when needed. After the game, the game master debriefs the team about their experience and takes a photo of the team.

NEW! Online version with real life avatars

Now you can book the Alchemist Chamber and Enigma games as an online experience! Connect your teammates in a video call and navigate our game master through the game. He will listen only to your directions! The novelty of the format provides a different kind of experience, but is proven to be just as much fun as playing the game in real life! In one round up to 15 players can play online.

Activity Highlights

Indoor adventure

Step into new worlds and leave with unforgettable memories!

Award winning games

Choose from the many game scenarios we offer. Did you know? Galactic Pioneers has been selected to the top 50 games in the world in 2019 - it has ranked as No. 46th!

Play the online version

Try the new format -escape games online, where players join via a video call and direct a person (avatar) to what to do in the game.

From beginners to enthusiast

We offer experiences from classic lock and key games to high-tech cinematic adventures. Choose the story and style that suits you the best!

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