Competitive Online Team Game

Office Olympics

Online team challenges that are fun, creative and wake up the competitive team spirit, while bringing remote teams together!

Example tasks

While creating the tasks we were focusing on involving different knowledge and skill sets to make sure everyone can find something they are good at! We had many-many events already that helped us refine the list, adding different activities and we also learnt which ones are the all time favorites!

Emoji movie titles

Can you guess the title of the movies based on a few emojis? Some are easy, some are more difficult, but all of them are fun!

Guess the location

Can you recognize the location just from a 360 image? Look around, zoom in for the details - sometimes a partial flag or a shop name is the only clue you get!

Request a free demo game

We can show you a demo game, to introduce more tasks and show you the online tool and demonstrate game mechanics. Contact us to get a free demo!

What is the Office Olympics?

The Office Olympics is a competitive online team game. The players are divided into smaller teams of up to 5 players. The teams compete with each other while completing various fun tasks and quizzes in rounds. After every round the scoreboard is updated. The winner is the team who collects most points during the game.

The usual length of the game is 8 rounds of tasks that is roughly 2 hours, plus 30 minutes for game introduction and debrief after the game. However, the format with rounds provides a great flexibility regarding the time – we can add more or less games to the event, to match the desired time span.

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How does the game work?

After a short introduction of the game, players will be separated into a video call with their team members. Each round, an assigned game master will brief them about the task and share the link with the team where they can complete the task. The teams need to complete their tasks within the given time limit that varies between 5-10 minutes – a timer is projected with the countdown in the video call.

During the game players complete quizzes, physical tasks, use their artistic skills, creativity and so on. The variety of tasks ensure that everyone can find something they are good at! We can also tailor the content of the event upon request.

In order to add some strategic element to the game, each team has one “Joker” that they can use to double their points for a task they select. A well-timed joker can change the leader board completely!

What is needed to play the game?

The game is designed to be played by remote teams, therefore it is fully web-based; only a computer and good internet connection is needed. Players can join others in a video call on any platform of their preference; Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams.  The game contains audio and video elements, therefore we recommend to use headphones which will reduce echo and other disturbing noises.

This team activity requires creativity, teamwork, problem solving and communication to be completed successfully.

However, it requires some general knowledge to complete quizzes – but it’s part of the fun to realize who is the best with music or movies. Other than that, only basic computer skills are needed such as managing multiple open tabs in the browser.

IMPORTANT: For the best gaming experience we recommend using a laptop or a desktop computer and each player should have their own equipment.

Game Master support

Before the game starts the event moderator explains the concept of the game to the players – this usually happens in a common meeting, then players split into smaller teams. During the game a Game Master is assigned to each team, who gives and explains the tasks for the teams and also provides assistance for the players when needed. After the game, the game master evaluates the game with the team members and takes a photo/screen shot of the team.

Activity Highlights

Fun and innovative team activity

During the game players complete quizzes, physical tasks, use their artistic skills, and creativity. Everyone can find something they are good at!

Live scoreboard

After every round the scoreboard is updated - to make sure players can see where they stand in the competition.

Joker - a strategic element

Each team has one “Joker” that they can use to double their points for the given task. A well-timed joker can change up the leaderboard completely!

Easy online access

All tasks are integrated with your websites, to make sure players can connect easily.

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